LG Innotek showcases LED products for solid-state lighting development at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

June 9, 2016
Seoul, Korea – LG Innotek (CEO: Jong-Seok Park) showcases LED products for lighting which has enhanced its reliability and its efficacy to Chinese lighting market.

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The company unveils more than 38 LED products at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) held in Guangzhou, China from Jun 9 to 12.

As the Asia’s largest lighting-related event, GILE is participated in by about 2,700 brands from 27 countries. LG Innotek plans to expand its presence in the Chinese market with its quality, performance and price-competitive advantages.

The company allows the visitors to experience its differentiated performance of the products personally by organizing its exhibition booth into three zones: New Technology, Performance Leading and Smart Solution.

New Technology zone exhibits various products adopted innovative technology, such as Chip Scale Package (CSP) and Flicker-Free module.

CSP refers to package wherein enables a simplification for packaging process and allows for attaching this LED to the L2 board directly. Thus, it allows for overall system cost reduction.

In this exhibition, the company’s proprietary technology is optimized to deliver high efficacy at high current as providing two types of CSP size (1515, 1919 series) as well as developing smaller size CSP (0808 series) to enhance the lumen density.

LG Innotek plans to meet the requirements of its customers immediately by applying the packages, modules and engines to all of its LED lighting products while deploying a line-up of CSP products.

Flicker-Free solution that reduces the flicker index being optimized for current AC module as well as the DC type DOB, which Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is integrated into one PCB. Also the new color quality standard such as TM-30-15 is also displayed in the booth.

Performance Leading Zone features differentiated performance of High- and Mid- Power LED Packages and Chip on Board (COB) Packages.

LG Innotek introduces 5630 series improving its efficacy 5% more than former products due to enhance phosphor efficiency and optimize design substrate. Its efficacy reaches 202lm/W.

The company also shows packages have moderate price but maximize its performance. 3528 series (3V, 6V, 9V) had secured reliability by using the high-quality materials and strict quality control compared to the existing low-priced products.

LG Innotek unveils new high-power COB package improving its efficacy up to 8%. It strives to expand its line up adding 3 type of “High Intensity” product optimized for commercial lighting.

Smart Solution Zone attracts customers as it introduced Visible Lighting Communication (VLC), LED lightings for automotive combining LED to IoT and technology of the automotive.

VLC is the cutting-edge communication solution that can transmit data using the visible ray emitted by LED. IoT environment and accurate indoor positioning is possible where LED lighting is available.

LED surface lighting module, for front and rear lights of automotive, enables variable design including line, square, round shape according to concept and usage.

LG Innotek said “The new product with superb performance and high-price competency is attracting many exhibitors.”, “For transfer this attention to customer’s satisfaction, the company will launch the differentiated product based on customer’s demand and improve product quality.”

The company will be available for meetings at GILE at booth B30 located in Hall 10.2.


Beop-min Oh, Communication Team - LG Innotek