LeDiamond offers round double side-emitting LED module for direct and indirect SSL designs

May 15, 2015
LeDiamond Opto Corp, a leading double-side-emitting LED manufacturer from Taiwan, has announced its new Tesla 1010 LED module.

Tesla 1010 (Dimension: L7.3mm*W2.2mm*H1.1mm) is a round shape double-side-emitting LED module which is suitable for lighting fixtures that need direct and indirect lighting output, such as mini pendants or wall lamps.

The Tesla 1010 LED module can be applied to lighting fixture designs by combining lenses or reflectors to deliver different angles in lighting output, up and down, with reliable performance. It can be easily used for secondary optical design, and the required heat sink space is smaller with no affect on lamp appearance.

A single LED module achieves double-side-emitting light output with advantages of easy assembly, smaller dimension of required heat sink, and low production cost.
The lighting output of each module is 2W/300lm@14V/150mA (without heat sink) and 4.5W/500lm@15V/300mA (with heat sink). One Tesla 1010 LED module replaced two traditional COB LEDs with the same luminance, but consuming less power (watts).


Alan Hsiao, Sales Manager - LeDiamond Opto Corporation

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