Ningbo Mayyard develops 30W and 45W LED light engine products with high power factor

April 1, 2015

Ningbo Mayyard has successfully launched 30W (Type:MY-LES-3022060-1, as pictured) and 45W (Type:MY-LES-4522060-1) LED light engine offerings. These products have the following advantages:
1. Simple component structure and easy installation
2. High power factor (PF >0.98), high efficiency (>90%), low harmonics (THD <15%), luminous efficacy of 90-110 lm/W can be achieved
3. The power supply and LEDs can be integrated for low materials costs, making the LED light engine a highly cost-effective solution to designing lighting systems
4. Automatic over-temperature and over-voltage protection improve the power and lamp life when the LED light engine is designed in
5. Can meet EMC and Energy Star requirements, safety is achieved without any inductance

About Mayyard:
Ningbo Mayyard specializes in high-quality SMD LEDs, lamp LEDs, high-power LEDs, LED modules, LED light engines, and relevant devices with the customers including Sylvania, Philips, Delixi Electric, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Yankon Lighting, etc. We focus on providing high-quality products and service, as well as the practical use of ISO9001 quality management systems and ERP enterprise management systems, to ensure efficient management and operations for our manufactured goods.


Ningbo Mayyard Photoelectricity Co., Ltd

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