Ningbo Mayyard develops mirrored aluminum LED light engine

Oct. 1, 2015

Ningbo Mayyard Photoelectricity Co., Ltd has combined an LED light source and driver together in a new LED light engine to address the changing LED lighting market with multiple lamp and luminaire configurations on the market.

1. Ningbo Mayyard Photoelectricity Co., Ltd's research and development center launched first, second and third generations of the LED light engine, and is now announcing its fourth generation LED light engine. It is designed to be competitive in the market, better meeting customer demands with high heat dissipation, high efficiency, convenient operation and a mirrored aluminum configuration.

2. Mirrored aluminum has high reflectivity. Electronic components of the LED light engine are thermally separated. The light-emitting chip is directly fixed onto the mirrored surface of the aluminum reflectors, through gold wire connection on the electrode. BT is used as the insulating dielectric layer. This results in the most suitable COB package, with good heat dissipation, high luminous efficacy, and optimal cost performance.

3. By leveraging silver mirrored aluminum plate using thermal separation technology, the thermal conductivity of the aluminum plate with an insulating layer is commonly 1W, 1.5W, or 2W. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 137W; the mirror greatly improves the heat dissipation of the chip.

4. Our ordinary heavy gold aluminum substrate reflectivity is 80%; cup hole aluminum substrate reflectivity is 85%. In comparison the reflectivity of the silver plated aluminum board is 95%, so the mirrored silver aluminum plate design can achieve higher luminous efficacy with the chip.

5. The silver mirrored aluminum plate structure of the LED light engine is connected by gold wire, series-parallel, and the package can meet multiple customers' needs. Together with a normal one pad chip and a silver mirrored aluminum plate, the LED light engine can operate at several wattages, which solves the problem of having many inventory board models on hand.


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