Honglitronic introduces high-performance AC LED light engines

Sept. 11, 2015
Honglitronic has developed new AC LED light engines with a unique onboard AC driver and direct AC 220-240V input. The LED light engines provide up to 30% savings on BOM and achieve a very high power factor (PF >0.95), low THD <20, and high efficiency >85%.
The LED light engines are EMC tested. AC LED light engines deliver longer life than traditional driver-based luminaires, with no bulky traditional driver. The devices offer easy assembly and built-in high temperature protection.
Available power: 5W, 10W and 12W
Available in non-dimmable and dimmable options
Suitable for downlights, track lamps, spotlights, bulbs
Wide operating voltage range (200-265V)
Built-in surge protection

About Honglitronic
Honglitronic is a top rank LED manufacturer in China, mainly providing LED package and LED lighting application solutions. As a leading manufacturer of white light LED package, Honglitronic obtains over 300 patents and has three LED package manufacturing plants. The headquarter is in Guangzhou in the south of China and the other two plants are located in Shenzhen and Nanchang. The Nanchang Plant, which covers 66,000 square meters with 1 billion RMB investment, is under construction.


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