FuturoLighting offers 12W CVCC LED power supply in matchbox footprint

Feb. 11, 2016
Piestany – FuturoLighting, a company focused on LED lighting solutions, introduces a compact LED power supply in IP67 protection. This compact power supply offers long life time and reliable operation due to carefully selected principle and long life reactive components.
The LED power supply is based on a switching IC from STmicroelectronics, which involves primary side regulation operating in CVCC mode. This means the user can directly connect an LED string to the FLPS12 LED power supply without the need to add a secondary LED driver to keep LED current constant, as well as use FLPS12 as a constant voltage source with thermal protection and no load consumption below 0.3 W. Target applications for FLPS12 are outdoor/indoor LED fixtures, automation, smart home systems, alarms, chargers, and many others where overall size matters.
FuturoLighting offers several variations on the LED power supply; they differ in output voltage/current and packaging. FLPS12 is offered in IP67 protection with wire leads or a PCB module mount version. Please refer to the FuturoLighting web page for more details. Sample quantities of FLPS12, for evaluation, can be purchased though the company e-shop; for higher quantities you should contact company representatives directly.


Dr.-Ing. Valentin Kulikov - FuturoLighting