Mean Well offers waterproof dimmable LED power supply

Feb. 8, 2016
The latest LED drivers, also called LED power supplies, the NPF family and PWM family, have been recently unveiled by Mean Well, the leading standard power supply brand. They are high-efficiency LED power supplies (or drivers) engineered to have identical plastic enclosures and equipped with various dimming functions suitable for LED lighting applications demanded by today's market. NPF & PWM power supply product families cover output wattages from 40W to 120W.

The principles by which LED luminaire manufacturers select power supplies (or LED drivers) are not only focused on the basic input and output specifications and IP levels but also flexibility in accommodating various dimming applications and unifying the luminaire enclosure sizes during engineering design.
For LED luminaire manufacturers, the ideal driver is “One size, various dimming functions!”

The NPF and PWM LED power supply familes of products are precisely engineered to that purpose, having identical enclosures but different dimming functions which allow manufacturers to use the same mechanical design with very little effort in redesigning the system to adopt different dimming methods.

For more details about NPF family and PWM family please refer to the following list:
NPF Series NPF-D Series PWM Series
Operating mode: (C.V.+C.C) (C.C.) (C.V.)
Dimming function NA Built-in 3 in 1 dimming function (0~10VDC/PWM signal/resistance, able to latch off lighting luminaire)
Suitable applications: Indoor planar LED lighting / Indoor planar LED lighting requiring dimming functions, LED strips requiring dimming functions
Features: Class II power unit (no F.G.)
- 90~305VAC input
- IP67 protection level
- High working efficiency up to 91%
- No load power consumption <0.5W (NPF Series <0.15W)
- Built-in active PFC function
- UL/CUL/ENEC/CE approved
- Type “HL” LED driver approved (except 90W models)
- 5 years warranty
(L x W x H) 40W/60W 150 x 53 x 35 mm
90W 171 x 63 x 37.5 mm
120W 191 x 63 x 37.5 mm


Mean Well USA