Moodifier releases DIN-rail mounted and IP-connected multichannel LED drivers

Jan. 20, 2016
The new LED drivers are available for both constant current and constant voltage LED light sources. Each driver offers 6 to 12 LED channels that can be individually controlled from any IP-network connected device.

High frequency pulse width modulation, manually adjustable between 480Hz and 4.8kHz, ensures a perfect and flicker-free light output with smooth dimming between 0 and 100%.

The new LED drivers enables dimming and on/off light switching in a traditional way with standard push button wall-switches, but they can also be directly connected to any IP-network to open up totally new opportunities in lighting control.

Designed for professional installations.
DIN-rail mounting, sturdy screw cable connectors as well as extra inputs and outputs ensures tidy and well organised installations.
The constant voltage units can power up to 200 watts per unit and the constant current units can power up to 72 watts per unit.

The concept of combining master and slave units that can provide either constant current or constant voltage gives great flexibility and scalability when designing and putting together different lighting solutions.

Moodifier´s feature-rich lighting control software is freely available for Macintosh, Windows, iOS and Android.
Moodifier also offers a brand new control box, based on the Raspberry Pi platform, that enables sophisticated scheduling and lighting control from any web browser on any device. The Moodifier software and control box is also fully compatible with Philips hue, making it easy to incorporate Philips hue based lighting in any lighting design.

Moodifier also offers an open and free HTTP & UDP API that enables custom software development and custom integration with other IT-systems.

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About Moodifier
Moodifier is an innovative and environmentally friendly IP-connected lighting control system that utilises the latest innovations in LED and IT technology to deliver the lighting solution of tomorrow. It is designed from the ground up for modern LED light sources, the Internet and a digital lifestyle and offers unparalleled levels of lighting control, automation and convenience in whole home, or single room lighting applications. Powered solely by low voltage or PoE it also provides substantial environmental benefits over conventional lighting solutions.


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