Lisun develops WT2080 LED test system for drive power measurement

Jan. 14, 2016
Lisun's WT2080 LED Power Driver Test Instrument is a comprehensive LED test system for drive power according to GB/T 24825-2009 and IEC 62384:2006. It can measure the following parameters: Input Characteristics Test (AC&DC), Output Characteristics Test (AC&DC), Input Start Characteristics Test (DC).

LED luminaires consist of an LED driver, single LEDs, and fixtures. The LED driver is like the heart of human, so it is the key component. Since the LED is a sensitive semiconductor device and also has negative temperature characteristics. It needs to be applied in steady state operation and protection in the application, resulting in a power drive concept. LEDs are unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, which can be connected to 220 VAC electricity directly. LED is driven at 2~3V low voltage, which requires complex transform circuit design, and different LED lamps need to be equipped with different power adapters. Therefore, it is very important for LED lighting manufacturers to use high-performance LED drivers.

Therefore, how does one judge the performance of the LED driver? With high requirements of input and output characteristics, and start-up characteristics , it is necessary to design a good LED driver. Lisun Group releases the WT2080 LED driver test system that certifies devices to the standard of IEC62384:26 (DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control Gear for LED modules-performance requirements). It can test AC and DC input and output characteristics and DC output and start characteristics, and also harmonic testing function. It is designed for simple operation and equipped with software; all the data and change curves can be printed and shown in the test report with clear display.


Ms. Amy Lv - Lisun Group