Roal Electronics debuts multi-unit wireless LED driver programming at Strategies in Light

Feb. 23, 2015
Fast and Easy Wireless Programming of Multiple LED Drivers Without Ever Removing Them from Their Original Packaging
Castelfidardo (AN), Italy – ROAL Electronics, an EFore Company, will debut an innovative wireless RFID programming feature at the 2015 Strategies in Light conference to be held at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, NV this week. This game changing technology offers measurable benefits to lighting fixture designers by enabling simultaneous feature set programming of multiple devices, in addition to one at a time, without the need to remove product from their packaging. The wireless feature will utilize an RFID pad antenna. The size of the pad antenna will determine the size of the package and number of units that can be programmed at the same time. Alternatively, a handheld antenna is also available for single driver programming. Drivers can be programmed for current, dimming features & fades. The devices can be programmed all the same or individually to their own parameters within seconds. This innovative technology reduces the liabilities associated with long lead-times for custom driver configurations, and the associated costs of obsolescence as LED’s change. Distributors and customers can stock base models in advance, with confidence that there are multiple potential projects and fixtures that can utilize them. Furthermore, the wireless feature in ROAL’s Drivers will allow the driver to be identified by serial number, manufacturer date, date code, fault mode, and firmware/hardware revisions. This technology has been designed into ROAL’s Ozone 150W Programmable Driver series and will also be available in the new MESO 50W Programmable Driver series. The proprietary software allows lighting designers to program specific feature sets unique to each lighting fixture design, and then, like waving a magic wand, effortlessly set a complete box of units to that feature set, all without ever removing the units from their original packaging. This new innovation demonstrates ROAL’s continued commitment to bringing value to the lighting industry. Seven years ago ROAL introduced the smallest drivers in the market, enabling lighting designers to create smaller, more elegant fixtures. Now the lighting market benefits again with the industry’s first wireless feature that programs multiple LED drivers at the same time enabling designers to react quickly when un-forecasted projects or opportunities arise. Stop by our booth #823 for a complete demonstration of this exciting new capability. About ROAL Electronics ROAL Electronics, An Efore Company, is an innovations leader with a solid IP and product portfolio in switched mode power electronics and Solid State Lighting electronics. It develops and manufactures high quality switch mode power supplies (SMPS), LED Drivers, High Power LED Modules, motor controls and user interface panels for appliances. ROAL offers some of the smallest, highest performance and most reliable power conversion solutions in the industry today. For additional product and company information visit our website at


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