EuControls releases DMT-20600-RF multi-zone wireless color temperature LED controller

Feb. 13, 2015
LOS ANGELES, CA – EuControls Corp. is excited to announce the addition of the DMT-20600-RF Multi-Zone Wireless Color Temperature LED Controller to its growing LED controller product portfolio.

The DMT-20600-RF is a 2.4 GHz (ISM band) wireless LED PWM dimming controller that drives both warm and cool white 12V LED strip lighting, regularly available from major electrical distributors. The included RF remote control allows careful adjustment of brightness and color temperature over a wide blended spectrum of 2000-6000 K. Up to four receiver controllers can be paired to one remote, permitting simultaneous control of 4 unique lighting zones. Standard with all controllers, the DMT-20600-RF comes with built-in power-off (fault tolerant) memory and short-circuit/over-current protection. EuControls’ industry-leading Three Year Product Warranty also protects your controller.

EuControls, a leading manufacturer of solid-state lighting equipment, is dedicated to innovative LED control products needed in today’s rapidly evolving lighting industry. By managing its own cost effective factories and Los Angeles warehouse, EuControls can deliver new advanced LED lighting control systems at great value. From professional lighting to do-it-yourself in the home, EuControls offers flexible lighting control products with exceptional performance and reliability to satisfy your technical requirements.

For more information about the DMT-20600-RF and EuControls, please visit Call us today to discuss your LED lighting control needs with our friendly LA-based staff, ready to provide solutions for your unique application needs.


EuControls Corporation
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