LG Innotek supplies independent-type LED driver to the EU market

May 26, 2015
Seoul, Korea – LG Innotek, a leading global materials and components manufacturer, has announced that the company starts its mass production of a super-slim, independent-type, 37W class LED driver for LED lighting.
In particular, this LED driver product is an independent type that can be mounted outside lighting appliances. It offers enhanced convenience since it can be installed either inside or outside to satisfy the illumination application conditions. Furthermore, the risk of electric shock is relatively lower than that in built-in type products. It is also a high efficiency LED driver -- raising its efficiency over 90% while lowering the heat generated since its circuit structure has been optimized with its own design technology. LG Innotek intends to apply the new independent-type LED driver to all outdoor and indoor lighting applications within this year. It also plans to enhance earnestly its efforts to explore the European market, including recruitment of local distributors in Europe. LG Innotek has succeeded in the production of this LED driver by applying its core technology and know-how to LED lighting. In particular, the company accumulated technological know-how while developing and manufacturing LED drivers for electronic appliances for the past 15 years. Since 2010, the company has supplied LED drivers and wireless control system for LED lighting to lighting manufacturers in Europe, the US and Japan. In 2013, it developed a wireless control system for LED lighting-based solutions that can be used on all of the four major wireless communication protocols -- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave -- by applying wireless communication technologies for the first time. Furthermore, LG Innotek supplies other products including LED chips, packaged LEDs, and LED drivers, and warrants the performance and reliability of its LED lighting modules. Today, it helps lighting manufacturers and distributors shorten their product development period and enhance their operational efficiency. So far, they have assembled their lighting fixtures using parts, components, and external cases they have developed in-house or purchased from other suppliers.


Beop-min Oh, Communication Team - LG Innotek