Hatch Lighting lists multiple LED drivers in the UL Sign Components Manual

July 31, 2015
TAMPA, FL - Hatch Lighting has announced the addition of the following LED drivers to the “SAM” Sign Components Manual:
- LV60-12N-120-I, LV60-24N-120-F, LV60-24N-120-I
- LV60-12N-UNV-I, LV60-12N-UNV-F, LV60,12N-UNV-R, LV60-24N-UNV-F, LV60-24N- UNV-I,
- LV60-24N-UNV-R
- LV80-24N-120-I
- LV100-12N-UNV-I, LV100-24N-UNV-I

The SAM manual is designed to be a buyers guide for the sign industry. By using components listed in the SAM, sign manufacturers can streamline the UL certification process and produce products exempt from testing. All major components and accessories necessary for electronic sign construction are listed in the SAM. These components have already been evaluated and are compliant with UL879 standard for Electric Sign Components.

These twelve Hatch LED drivers are standard constant voltage product, rated for outdoor use and feature: Universal Input 120-277V, Class 2 Output, and a 5 year limited warranty. Three different case styles have been added to ensure sign manufacturers can always find the right LED driver for their specific project. Hatch Lighting is pleased to announce these additions to the SAM and continue to develop and qualify additional products to suit signage customer needs.

About Hatch Lighting
Hatch Lighting is an independent full-line power supply provider that has been serving the industry for 30 years. Customers have trusted Hatch to provide them with the top-notch product and personal service that only an independent manufacturer can provide. Hatch is the only power supply company to have complete lines in halogen, fluorescent, HID and LED. As the industry moves towards LED, Hatch is continuously developing new LED drivers to meet and exceed the needs of the industry.

For further information on SAM listed Hatch LED drivers and other Hatch Lighting products please visit the website below.


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