Vexica develops dynamic pixel DIN rail-mount LED driver

Oct. 15, 2015
After extensive internal R&D program Vexica is pleased to announce the VEX-ARTNET-1020. Vexcia’s newest LED driver has been designed especially for pixel LED solutions. This includes the successful VEX-MINILINE & MIDILINE ranges.

The LED driver communicates with the installation control system by Artnet. This allows larger amounts of data to be transferred over CAT5 cables and has an advantage over DMX of being able to send multiple universes over one cable. The LED driver can control up to 1020 RGB pixels (depending on cable centres), the number of universes can be split across the pixel address configuration. The device IP address can be set on each driver along with the amount of pixels connected in a string.

The unit outputs to Vexica’s PixelCom protocol and will drive up to a maximum 1020 pixels. This can be split across multiple outputs from the device. There are 2 x RJ45 output connectors each of which can supply 4 PixelCom outputs.

Set up is done via software (PC or MAC OS) and connected via a USB port to the LED driver for the devices initial setup and monitoring. This sets up the Start address, MAC address and the No. of pixels connected to the driver for system configuration. Factory presets can also be applied on special request.

The LED driver has a micro SD card slot to provide firmware updates or preloaded sequences for simple stand alone modes. The unit can be fed with 12-48 vdc for through wiring of power and data is fed to the pixel strings from the outputs.

This driver packs a lot of smart new technology into a small package. Find out the full specification on the Vexica website.

About Vexica
Vexica is proud to be a British manufacturer of LED lighting products and solutions. As experts in the design and delivery of LED lighting products we focus on providing top quality professional lighting systems for special projects.

We offer LED products for various applications and solutions including offering financing services for our products where energy savings and payback periods can be established.

Vexica have a high tech bespoke luminaire design service and incorporate specific LED technology into products to meet designers requirements. Our core design competences include electronics design, 3D mechanical design and thermal management of LEDs. We design products in Solid Works and have a Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software suite to analyse product designs thermally.

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