Magnitude Lighting's MCC series offers dimmable constant-current LED drivers for SSL luminaires

Jan. 19, 2015
The MCC series is a phase cut dimmable constant current driver ranging from 6W up to 26W with current output range of 350 to 1050mA.

Tustin, CA – Magnitude Lighting Converters, Inc. announced today the availability of its new line of LED drivers. Responding to the rapid expansion of the LED hospitality and residential applications that require phase cut dimmable drivers with high performance dimming range. Magnitude developed the MCC series a True Constant Current Dimmable Driver, compatible with any standard TRIAC dimmer. The solid state drivers have the highest accuracy ratings in the industry, delivering accurate power and available in: 350mA, 500mA, 700mA and 1050mA. Encased in a low profile aluminum enclosure and rated for both indoor and outdoor use, the drivers can work in extreme temperature and environmental conditions due to their high efficiency operation. The Driver’s low profile anodized case allows designers to easily incorporate it into lighting fixtures.

Shafrir Romano, CEO of Magnitude Lighting converters stated: “Our unique form factor is a result of high efficiency design that enabled us to introduce the perfect tool extending LED fixtures performance while reducing heat sink requirements and limitations”

There are more than 150 million phase cut dimmer installations in North America alone according to NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers association) that were designed for use with incandescent light sources. Magnitude worked around this fact and developed this series to respond to this important piece of information.

“Our R&D team tested hundreds of dimmers from various leading manufacturers and developed the drivers to handle LED loads enabling them to operate under dimmable conditions of pre-existing phase cut dimmers” says Uzi Avisar, Magnitude’s VP of Product management & Business development.

The MCC series compact form factor maintains driver height as low as 0.67 inches hence allowing low profile luminaire integration.


Magnitude Lighting Converters Inc.

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