Anglia launches specialized division for LED lighting

Nov. 19, 2007
The UK-based components supplier has announced a new division to provide products for solid-state lighting.
*** Company press release ***

Anglia has announced the launch of Anglia Lighting, a new division dedicated to providing a broad range of products, backed up by highly competent technical support, to manufacturers, contractors and installers of LED lighting systems.

Anglia has built up a strong presence in optoelectronics, with a portfolio that includes LEDs from Cree and Avago Technologies; drive circuitry from Zetex and Power Integrations; microcontrollers from ST and Microchip; thermal management products in the form of heatsinks from Aavid Thermalloy and Calinar; and fans from NMB Minebea.

In addition, Anglia has partnerships with a supplier of aluminium clad PCBs and a range of optics from Polymer Optics, who can provide standard or customised lenses to give optimum performance for a particular lighting design. These are all critical components that need to be properly integrated into the design in order to meet the overall performance specification.

All these resources are accessible via a new Web site at which provides summaries of the main features of each of the individual product ranges, and also includes a parametric search facility to assist in rapidly identifying the most appropriate components.

A design guide takes the designer though all the steps in the process of a solid state lighting project, from defining the initial lighting requirements and the design goals, through estimating the efficiencies of the different parts of the system and calculating the required number of LEDs, to choosing the best combination of optical, thermal and electrical components and finally board layout and building and testing of a prototype. Access to personalised offline support is also provided.

Anglia is unique in having built up this comprehensive a portfolio of market-leading product lines and manufacturer partnerships, and in being able to provide the high level of design support that a manufacturer needs to produce a fully working LED lighting product. Anglia’s in-house design capability, Anglia Designs, can help the manufacturer throughout the whole of the design process, from selecting the LEDs to matching them with drive circuitry, cooling components and sourcing lenses and PCB layout and production. Complete working reference designs can also be supplied to customers. Finally the in-house EMC test facility can assure pre-compliance for CE mark approval.

In addition to these services, Anglia is the only distributor to offer automated batch selection of LEDs from both the Cree and Avago product ranges, whereby a selection is made from a single bin or a selection of bins for the colour and intensity.

Solid state lighting is a technology that has great potential for the future. Not only does it offer an energy efficient option, but it also promises better reliability, since a lighting installation still functions if one or more of the individual emitter elements has failed. Energy efficiency of lighting is important for helping to meet the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations, and for reasons of reducing overall environmental impact and reducing running costs.

Applications for LED lighting can include, for example, emergency floodlights and illuminated signs for roadworks in addition to replacing incandescent and fluorescent lighting in industrial and domestic installations. Many of the companies involved in this market are traditional electrical manufacturers who may not have previous experience with electronics design. These companies are moving from using conventional lamps towards the use of LEDs, in order to develop products that have lower energy consumption – for both cost and environmental reasons – and are more reliable.