EnergiMidt and Paradox Engineering sign partnership for innovative smart networks in Denmark

Feb. 3, 2016
Danish regional energy and fiber broadband provider EnergiMidt signed an agreement with Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA to develop innovative smart city networks and provide advanced services to the public sector and private business customers in Denmark. The two companies have already been collaborating on a pilot smart lighting and smart parking project for the community of Viborg, in the village of Almind, to be completed by the end of March 2016.

Covering a 7,500 Km2 area in Central Jutland, EnergiMidt is constantly looking for new ways to improve its energy distribution and fiber broadband networks and increase efficiency and reliability, as well as quality of supplied services. EnergiMidt chose PE.AMI by Paradox Engineering as the technology to turn smart its offer for the local communities it serves in Denmark. Acting as local representative for Paradox Engineering’s solutions in the Danish market, EnergiMidt will integrate PE.AMI in existing and future infrastructures, leveraging its system integration experience and know-how in the intelligent street lighting market.

“We are excited to be a part of the global Paradox Engineering Partner Community and to be able to provide Danish cities with the technological tools to improve the lives of millions of Danes. Paradox Engineering solutions are built on open internet standards which ensure our customers both future proof-ness and flexibility. A key feature of the solution is the availability of third party chipsets and development kits which makes it possible for students and entrepreneurs to develop new products and services for the cities and their citizens”, stated Flemming Jensen, Market Development Manager, EnergiMidt.

“We’re glad to collaborate with EnergiMidt and leverage our technology to improve their services for Danish customers. Providing PE.AMI as future proof modular network platform to manage and control interconnected objects, we’ll contribute to improve livability, sustainability and local economy in all communities where EnergiMidt is present, also supporting innovation processes to design new services for any emerging need”, added Jens Hauggaard, Sales Manager Europe, Paradox Engineering SA.

Turning Almind village into a Smart City

EnergiMidt and Paradox Engineering are currently working to finalize the implementation of a pilot smart lighting and smart parking project for the community of Viborg, in the village of Almind, to be completed by the end of March 2016. First street lights were installed in Almind back in 1965, and the municipality has recently decided to renew present infrastructure with energy-efficient devices and an advanced management system.

About 50 light poles will be equipped with smart lamps and PE.AMI Lighting Management Nodes, thus connecting each light point to a wireless network and enabling remote monitoring and control via PE.AMI Central Management Suite (CMS). This solution allows EnergiMidt to manage the entire infrastructure from remote, switching on/off single or grouped lamps, varying light intensity whenever needed and monitoring lamps performance. Each pole also features a motion sensor that triggers PE.AMI nodes to automatically dim light up and down upon vehicle transit.

The same architecture supports the smart parking system to be deployed at the local community house, where about 40 car lots are being equipped with PE.AMI Parking Management Nodes to detect vehicle occupancy and provide drivers with real-time parking availability information when attending sport or social events. The intent of the community of Viborg is to test both smart lighting and smart parking solutions to evaluate possible extension of the same network to other smart urban services such as WiFi hot spots, solid waste management and smart metering.

PE.AMI is Paradox Engineering’s open standard based solution to enable a smarter management of any urban service, from energy distribution to WiFi and broadband connectivity, from street lighting to public parking, from video surveillance to emergency services, and many more. Adhering to the Internet of Things paradigm, PE.AMI allows municipalities and utilities to add intelligence to urban objects (meters, light poles, parking lots, etc.) and connect them into a citywide network to exchange relevant information and control them from remote, with clear benefits in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, efficiency and cost saving, energy consumption and greenhouse emissions reduction. Key feature of PE.AMI is the possibility to host multiple services over the same architecture, even if deployed over time, allowing customers to schedule consecutive developments according to upcoming priorities and resources availability.


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