Hubbell Lighting adds Beaconnect wireless lighting controls to more Beacon products

Jan. 27, 2016
Greenville, SC – Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting innovation, announced that Beacon Products will extend its award-winning Beaconnect wireless lighting controls technology to its Viper, Traverse, Cruzer and Endura products. It has been commercially available with the Orbeon since it launched in October of 2015.
New LED products have opened the door for significant energy savings, and Beaconnect wireless lighting controls technology is a means to achieving even more in a cost-effective manner. The wireless system has been recognized by the industry as an innovative technology; it was selected to the 2014 IES Progress Report and won a PIA award in 2015.

"Our customers are concerned about lifetime cost of ownership, energy reduction and the safety and security of the lighting environment," said Keith Hall, vice president of brand management at Beacon Products. "Beaconnect is a cost-effective, reliable technology designed to have a positive impact on these concerns. Simplicity has been a key factor to its success. Our customers tell us the date, time and specifications. We program it accordingly at the factory, ship it and it's ready to be installed."

How It Works
Beaconnect is a built-in wireless lighting controls system that can dim by time, group to sensors with user-defined dimming schedules and provide diagnostics such as temperature, hours, voltage, current wattage and kWh metering. Beaconnect luminaires arrive to the site pre-programmed and ready to install. Users, however, have the flexibility to modify the schedules in the field at any time. Its autonomous operation precludes the possibility of a system-wide failure because, unlike other systems, it has direct access to the LED engine and provides voltage, current and temperature sensor readings, which can be useful if the need arises to troubleshoot. Since each luminaire operates in a standalone manner, there are no distance limits from luminaire to luminaire.

The cost and complication of field commissioning by factory experts is removed since Beaconnect luminaires are pre-programmed. It requires no access points and issues commands to luminaires in real time. Once programmed, the luminaires operate autonomously and have a real-time clock with battery backup to facilitate independent operation for more than a week in the event of a power outage or daily turn-off cycle, but it also functions as a mesh system. This means all luminaires can be scheduled to synchronize with sensors by group, by zones or dimmed by time. The system eliminates complicated gateways, Wi-Fi, GPS and third party providers that incur recurring costs.

Extended Product Portfolio
These Beacon Products luminares can now be ordered with Beaconnect technology.

The Viper luminaire is available in two sizes with a wide choice of different LED wattage configurations and optical distributions designed to replace HID lighting up to 1000W MH or HPS and with 5 different mounting options for application in a wide variety of new and existing installations. The Viper is a blend of sleek style, LED performance and technology.

The Orbeon is an energy-saving, high performance LED parking garage and canopy luminaire that utilizes high powered LEDs and precise, efficient optical control. It features application versatility through integrated intelligent control options. The Orbeon is designed to replace up to 175 watt HID lamps with 60 watts and, at the same time, reduce maintenance by delivery of more than 100,000 hours of projected life.

The Traverse is a high-performance, contemporary, lightweight LED wall pack ideal for new construction or retrofits - it compliments a wide range of construction styles. It is designed to meet strict lighting codes with environment-friendly full cutoff and is available in six different distributions. The Traverse is a suitable replacement for up to 400 watt HID.

The Cruzer is an LED pole top luminaire that unifies the tasks of area, roadway and site lighting with complimentary building mounted (wall pack styled) fixtures. It is designed to meet strict lighting codes with environment-friendly, full cutoff and is available in six different lighting distributions. It is also a suitable shoebox or cobra head lighting fixture retrofit/replacement.

The Endura LED parking garage luminaire offers a precise optical distribution called ‘’Drive Lane Optics,’’ which minimizes glare to the driver while lighting the spaces between the cars. This unique design also incorporates On-Board occupancy sensors, a bird nesting deterrent, an integral thermal management system to insure maximum life and a replaceable LED light engine. It is easy to install in both existing and new installations and is ideally suited to both LED parking garage and LED canopy lighting with its three different wattages and six full cutoff lighting distributions.

Beacon Products is currently working to add Beaconnect to additional luminaires in the portfolio by late 2016. To learn more about Beacon Products, please visit the website or follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Michael McCullough, Director of PR - Hubbell Lighting

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