Billion Electric's LCMS supports Taipei City development of freeway smart LED street light network

March 18, 2016
Billion Electric (TAIEX: 3027), the global leader and developer of enterprise-level ICT and Intelligent Energy Management technologies, is pleased to announce that its LCMS™ (Smart Street Light Control and Management System) has been adopted by the Taipei City Government to complete a freeway Smart LED Street Light project in Taipei. In the cooperation with the Taiwanese Ministry of Economy, Billion LCMS™ demonstrates the capability to automatically report street light failures and repairing information, advanced scheduling and dimming features, and control intelligence and energy-efficiency.
Starting from 2015 Q1, Billion has been working in close collaboration with the Public Works Department of Taipei City Government to establish the nation’s first freeway Smart LED Street Light network. Commenting on the new Smart Street Light deployment, the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, remarked “We estimate to reduce 360 million kWh of electricity and 201,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually and to expand the implementation to all street lights in Taiwan, significantly minimizing energy wastes and protecting the environment. The practice of Smart Street Light system has officially been submitted to enter the national review to facilitate the growth of high-quality LED lights replacing the 631,000 high-pressure sodium street lamps in Taiwan”.

The Product Line Manager of Billion LCMS™, Martin Chang, says “LCMS™ enables real-time street light monitoring and dimming intelligence to achieve up to 83% of energy-saving and carbon reduction results. In this freeway project, Billion LCMS™ leverages ICT strengths to intelligently adjust street light brightness levels based on weathers and on/off traffic peak time periods. We can display detailed street light profiles and usage information with maximum user-friendliness and easy-to-understand interfaces to improve the maintenance and energy efficiency. Asides from Taiwan, our LCMS™ is concurrently adopted by international lighting vendors ranging from Poland, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, and Jordan to develop multiple Smart Street Light networks in different countries”.

Billion LCMS™ adopts the Broadband Powerline Communication (BPLC) technologies that can support a broad range of sensors, real-time dimming, and remote lighting on & off controls. The BPLC's embedded substantial transmission bandwidth can enable the operations of IP camera and security surveillance, as well as public metering, electrical vehicle charging stations, WiFi Hotspot applications, and Smart City integrations.


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