PennSMART brings IoT lighting systems and streetscapes to smart cities, municipalities, and campuses

March 25, 2016
When your light pole can scare away an intruder, capture video of a perpetrator, measure snowfall to trigger the arrival of snowplows, and support a range of other desirable functions, you can assume it came from PennSMART.

PennSMART, the IoT light division of Penn Globe, specializes in innovative solutions for smart cities and connected campuses.

With integrated intelligence discreetly embedded inside the framework of the light pole, PennSMART IoT Lighting retains the integrity of aesthetically pleasing architectural design for which Penn Globe (The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company) is known. Since 1877 the company has pioneered lighting solutions starting with gaslights in Baltimore and colonial New England. Since then Penn Globe has installed lighting for fantasy parks at Disney World to the ivy leagues of Princeton, Harvard and Brown, plus numerous municipal locations.

With dynamic surveillance cameras and full sensor arrays, PennSMART's next-generation Smart IoT lighting now takes streetscapes and pedestrian walkways to new levels of safety:

- Discreet security surveillance "under the trees" where vision is not obstructed
- LED-driven and available for new installation or retrofit
- 360 degree motion sensor video cameras to trigger programmable bright lights
- Police/Security notification in real-time (within 3 seconds)
- Gunshot sensor notifications
- Facial mapping (beyond recognition) using GPUs
- Glass break sensors
- Precipitation sensors (to measure snowfall and notify snowplow crews)
- Emergency blue lights
- Data collection (e.g. license plate readers, traffic flow and patterns)
- Digital signage (amber alerts, evacuation notices, community and entertainment events)

Energy Efficiency
Penn Globe was among the first municipal lighting suppliers that saw sustainable energy not just as the next big business opportunity, but also as the right thing to do through retrofits and LEEDS-certified new installations.

Lights can be programmed to run at dimmed level during peak consumption times, and instantly flood the area with light (in a range of colors and strobes) when triggered by one of numerous sensors.

PennSMART's IoT lighting solutions provide communities with the ability to discreetly monitor, detect and analyze all activity taking place in the vulnerable areas under the trees, providing increased security where people live, work and play. For more information about PennSMART's complete solutions for lighting, security and public safety, call 203-484-7749.

About PennSMART
PennSMART, a division of Penn Globe (The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company) offers complete M2M solutions for lighting, security and public safety of cities, towns, university campuses and other public spaces. The company's energy-efficient and LEEDS-certified Smart IoT Lighting systems provide real-time access to the latest innovations in monitoring, surveillance, and data collection technology.

About Penn Globe (The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company)
Penn Globe, known for providing legendary lighting and innovative design, first brought gas-powered street illumination to America in 1877. A family owned and operated manufacturing company, Penn Globe uniquely combines world-class craftsmanship with state-of-the-art lighting technology. Energy efficiency and sustainability drive Penn Globe's research and development design team to deliver excellence in photometric performance. The company manufactures gas and electric HID gaslights, fluorescent, induction, energy-efficient and LEEDS-certified LED luminaires and, through its new PennSMART division, IoT lighting solutions for smart cities, higher education campuses and other public spaces. The company is located in North Branford, Connecticut.


Marcia LaFemina - Penn Globe