Billion Electric debuts LED drivers and smart solid-state lighting controls

Feb. 5, 2015
Billion Electric Co. Ltd. (TAIEX: 3027) announces the launch of Smart Lighting Control Management System (LCMS) and High Efficiency Class 2 Drivers to the global LED Lighting market.

Billion Electric releases two Smart Lighting (Narrowband and Broadband) solutions. Continue the cooperation with lighting technology leader Everlight Electronics, Billion develops its wholly owned Street Light Control Management System (LCMS) that provides automatic dimming schedule, streetlight status diagnosis, and remote control for streetlights operation. This strategic move is in response to global market demand and further supports Billion Electric to become a provider of full lighting solutions.

Besides the new streetlight control solution, Billion develops a rich selection of LED Drivers serving as outperforming power supplies and essential engines for the operation of solid lighting systems. To achieve lifetime sustainability and energy efficiency, Billion’s LED Drivers are compact, versatile, and reliable, supporting a broad range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The high quality LED Drivers are available in Constant Current and Constant Voltage varieties; non-dimming and dimming drivers; PWM or 1-10v dimming; and various application specific products, including those designed for the signage market.

Billion’s Class 2 LED Drivers are exclusively installed with power isolation mechanism and have a current leakage smallerthan 0.25mA. With the designed functionality, Billion's Class 2 LED Driver is able to provide more user safety and overheat protection than other LED driver brands in the market. The Billion's Class 2 LED Drivers serve as power dimmable lamps and are easy to deploy for various lighting scenarios, such as commercial, industrial, streetlight, etc. With the customized IP67 fiberglass, Billion’s Class 2 LED Drivers are able to withstand in harsh outdoor environments and extremely temperature ranging from -40°C to 60°C.

The company is currently recruiting worldwide distributors, business development partners, lighting manufacturers, and system integrators to join for win-win business opportunity. Please visit for more information.

Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (, taiex: 3027, trading as Billion) is an Asian Pacific-based company with expertise in the manufacturing of power supply, LED drivers, and Smart Lighting solutions for ESCO (Energy Services Company) and lighting vendors.


Elaine Chen - Billion Electric

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