Ilumi Solutions enhances LED smart lighting with proximity and circadian features in updated mobile app

May 15, 2015
ilumi color changing LED Smartbulbs now turn on and off based on user’s presence and automatically adjust throughout the day to help support one’s circadian rhythm

DALLAS, TX. – ilumi solutions is releasing an update to the company’s iOS and Android mobile applications to further solidify the company’s Bluetooth® controlled and programmable LED Smartbulbs as the best light bulbs on the planet. The new update includes programs for proximity and circadian lighting, making ilumi Smartbulbs the first and only LED smart bulbs to offer these built-in programs.

The ilumi mobile app allows a user to easily adjust the color and brightness of their LED smart lighting, save and replay lighting scenes, and set personalized power-on defaults. In addition, the ilumi app comes with seven built-in lighting experiences to help program your Smartbulbs right out of the box, as exemplified in the industry-first Proximity (Torch) and Circadian programs. With the app release, ilumi solutions has solidified itself as a revolutionary leader in both Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology and the importance of lighting to human health and wellness.

The Proximity program, called Torch, allows ilumi Smartbulbs to automatically turn on and off when a user enters and exits a room. The program tracks the location of a user’s phone or tablet and automatically turns on nearby Smartbulbs by analyzing the strength of the Bluetooth signal between the bulbs and the user’s device along with the overall topology of all bulbs in the network. “Torch is an extremely convenient way to interact with lighting. Our team was developing Torch for a long time now, and we are thrilled that the ilumi nation (ilumi customers) can now simply move around their homes without fumbling with a light switch”, notes founder and CEO, Corey Egan. “Torch is an amazing example of ilumi’s ability to innovate and the capability of Bluetooth Low Energy as a wireless protocol.”

The Circadian program replicates the sun’s natural light cycle to tune your body’s natural daily rhythm. With improvements in LED smart lighting technology and increasing research on lighting’s biological effects, circadian lighting is quickly gaining significant industry interest. ilumi Smartbulbs are the first of any Smartbulb to provide an optional Circadian Lighting program. With a simple tap of the ilumi app, a user can activate the Circadian Lighting experience to gradually transition the light color of ilumi Smartbulbs automatically throughout the day, from cool energetic white light to sharpen one’s mind in the morning to a soft and relaxing warm glow in the evening that promotes better sleep. Even if a user turns on their lighting through a light switch, ilumi will still illuminate with the appropriate lighting for the time of day because of the built-in memory and clock inside every ilumi Smartbulb.

“The capability and potential of circadian lighting is extraordinary for greater health, productivity and safety, due to its ability to keep the body's natural clock or circadian rhythm in sync,” remarked Rodney Heller LC, CLEP, president of the Midwest Lighting Institute. “I believe that eventually all lighting systems will similarly adapt, but ilumi has done it first.”

About ilumi Smartbulbs
ilumi Smartbulbs unlock the natural power of light with the simplicity of screwing in a light bulb. They screw into existing fixtures like a regular light bulb, and through the free ilumi app can be adjusted and programmed to any shade of white light and rich vibrant colors. ilumi LED Smartbulbs also use a fraction of the energy used in comparable traditional light bulbs and last up to twenty years, making ilumi Smartbulb the only light bulb you’ll ever need.

The new ilumi app is available now as a free download on Google Play and will be available shortly on the iTunes App Store. ilumi is compatible with mobile devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart like the iPhone 4s, Galaxy S3, and newer models.

ilumi Smartbulbs can be purchased at, Fry’s, ThinkGeek, Amazon, or

About ilumi solutions
ilumi solutions, inc. transforms ordinary things into extraordinary experiences, beginning with light. The company first launched the ilumi Smartbulb in 2014 after the company collected over $200,000 via crowdfunding and received $350,000 of investment from Billionaire Mark Cuban through an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. Based out of Dallas, TX, the company holds five issued patents and multiple patents pending covering a wide variety of Smart Lighting, Advanced Wireless Networks, and other unique technologies (US Patents: 8,890,435, 8,922,126, 8,742,694, 8,896,232, 8,896,218).

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