Solid Apollo LED offers RGB LED controllers for color-changing lighting fixtures

April 23, 2015
LED lighting company Solid Apollo LED introduces two new color changing RGB LED controllers with more features and precise color control for color changing RGB LED lighting fixtures. The new Chroma Flow PRO is the next generation of Chroma Flow RGB remote controls now with an included color wheel for immediate and precise color selection any time. The new DuoBrite LED controller is a value priced controller with precise 3 knob color control and a wireless remote control able to play one of 29 color changing programs.

Trying to find a quality color changing LED controller with wireless remote control and an extensive number of features built-in and all at a reasonable price can be difficult. Previously options on RGB color changing controllers were limited as users had to hold multiple buttons to try and find the right color as the option of a color touch wheel was not possible. On even more basic RGB LED controllers having the built-in option of color changing programs was not available. By integrating more features Solid Apollo LED brings “more options and convenience to easily control color changing LED strip lights and lighting fixtures all at a reasonable price” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED.

The new Chroma Flow PRO is a versatile color changing controller bringing more features all wrapped in a modern and simple remote control. The all new design now includes a touch color wheel for immediate color selection and includes separate red, green and blue buttons to fine tune for one of 16,000 possible colors. The Chroma Flow PRO is perfect for color changing RGB LED strip light installations and LED lighting fixtures with RGB LED lights. The Chroma Flow PRO includes 10 color changing programs for a variety of color changing effects. The color changing control is perfect for the bar or in the entertainment room where color changing LED lighting can bring an exciting atmosphere to the entire area.

The Chroma Flow PRO also includes white color control, where one of three simulated shades of white and be used, from warm white to daylight white and pure white, which can be chosen for gentle accent lighting and for bright usable work lighting. This is a great feature for undercabinet lighting, as the white can be turned on for workable lighting, and for entertainment, the variety of colors and color changing programs can be accessed at the touch of a button. And for cove lighting having both options makes room lighting even more simple. Use white when needed for extra light in the room and then play the amazing color changing programs for exciting lighting at events and parties. The Chroma Flow PRO comes with a wireless remote control and a matching receiver and more receivers can be added on for control of multiple lighting areas using just one remote control.

The DuoBrite RGB LED controller is a value priced controller bringing together two great features never before featured in one color changing LED controller. The DuoBrite includes a mountable in-line RGB controller with precise 3 knob color control and a wireless remote control. On the controller each knob allows fine tuning and dimming of one of 16,000 colors on any RGB LED strip light or RGB LED lighting fixture.

The included DuoBrite remote control features 29 color changing programs built in for a variety of static colors and pre-programmed color changing programs bringing color changing excitement to any location or event. The remote control includes forward and previous program selection, with speed control and brightness level control to fine tune any chosen program. The DuoBrite controller is perfect for controlling any RGB LED lighting installation where precise fine-tuned colors are needed. The DuoBrite is perfect for matching the exact colors of a specific sports team or for finding the perfect accent lighting color to match the décor for the different seasons. The DuoBrite includes a memory function which remembers the last color and brightness level chosen when the power is turned off.

The Chroma Flow PRO and DuoBrite LED controllers both bring amazing value with more features to make precise color control and playing color changing programs easier than ever before.

Solid Apollo LED also offers a range of solderless LED connection accessories to easily create a professional and finished LED lighting installation. The snap and lite accessories make jumps and bends, even 90 degrees and t-joints, simple with low profile connectors which simply open and close shut on the strip for a secure and reliable connection for RGB color changing LED strip and even single color LED strip.

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