TALQ Consortium publishes guide for smart outdoor lighting tenders

July 30, 2015
Piscataway, New Jersey – The TALQ Consortium, an organization developing a global standard for software interfaces to manage outdoor lighting networks, assists municipalities in ensuring the integrity of their tendering procedures. By publishing a ‘Pocket Guide for Smart Outdoor Lighting Tenders’ TALQ offers decision makers an excellent basis for compiling forward-looking, cost and energy saving tenders. The first edition of the Pocket Guide is available end of July 2015.

Renewing streetlight control and entire outdoor lighting networks is a complex and highly technical matter for cities, municipalities, utilities, operators and project developers. Many cities have limited experience of tendering for street lighting controls, which are often selected as part of a long term contract. This is also an area of significant recent technology development, and is further complicated as many municipalities are exploring how such initiatives can support their journey to become a ‘smart city’. Nowadays cities have to take into consideration various aspects: maximizing energy savings, reducing carbon emissions, increasing efficiency and reducing the operational costs at the same time. Furthermore they don’t want to depend on single suppliers but foster competition for best pricing and to guarantee future-proof solutions.

For these reasons the TALQ Consortium, an open initiative founded by leading lighting control industry players, has developed a Pocket Guide to support buyers in composing intelligent and comprehensive tenders. The document provides not only a quick overview over the state-of-the-art technical specifications, but offers wording examples for a smart tendering document.

“We realized that cities and other project developers are often overstrained by defining the necessary and appropriate specifications for their individual needs in their tenders.” says Gerard Lokhoff, Secretary General, TALQ Consortium, explaining the idea behind the guide. “So we analyzed a range of lighting tenders from major global cities to draw together the key components of an intelligent request for proposal – and enlarged and evaluated the draft with the broad industry know-how we bring together in our organization.”

The Pocket Guide for Smart Outdoor Lighting Tenders can be requested at the TALQ Consortium from End of July 2015 on and is free of charge.

About the TALQ Consortium:
Founded in 2012, the TALQ Consortium is establishing a globally accepted standard for management software interfaces to control and monitor heterogeneous outdoor lighting networks. The new TALQ interface is a specification for information exchange, suitable for implementation in various products and systems. This way interoperability between Central Management Systems (CMS) and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLN) from different vendors will be enabled, such that a single CMS can control different OLNs in different parts of a city or region.
TALQ is an open industry consortium consisting of currently approx. 30 member companies.


Eva Jubitz - TALQ Consortium