SEAK delivers LED dimming module for retrofit and new lighting installations

July 13, 2015

Dim Bar is a versatile, adaptable and easy to use LED dimming module designed for electrical energy savings in the indoor and outdoor lighting applications, offering low investment demands and quick ROI. Thanks to its small size, Dim Bar is able to be placed inside basically any luminaire equipped with a dimmable LED driver.

Dim Bar operates regardless of LED driver power and uses its output to control it. The LED dimming module also provides protection against LED over-temperature with an optional sensor. Dimming and other parameters are set through powerline interface, which means lower costs for maintenance in case of reprogramming after installation. Suitable for retrofitting and new indoor or street lighting, applications depend on its programming or presence of a master control unit. Adding several smart features to any standard dimmable LED driver, Dim Bar is the correct solution in order to control the potential of an LED luminaire. Dim Bar is available as a standalone LED dimming module and a module designed for integration into an LED driver for the manufacturers, bringing more options to customers. Dim Bar and its related products are made by SEAK Ltd., a company with a rich history in electronics since 1988 and now becoming known in lighting controls, proprietary powerline communication and technical support for various vendors using SEAK solutions. Its specialty is the QM-50 Powerline Communication, utilizing existing mains voltage and frequency to transfer signals at larger distances, suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Dim Bar technical details: Programming interface: Powerline SEAK QM-50 Control output: DSI, DALI, PWM or 0-10V Saving sequence: Up to 10 power levels per sequence Dimming output range: 0-255, 0-100% or 0-10V Consumption: <0.5W Dimensions: Standalone from 70x33x6mm, integrated from 48x22x3mm Weight: from 20g Ingress protection: Standalone IP54 Appliance rating: Class II Origin: Slovak republic


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