Code Mercenaries engineers DALI controller with PWM and I2C signal capabilities for intelligent lighting

June 22, 2015
Code Mercenaries releases LED-Warrior12, a DALI slave controller supporting 1 to 4 channels (pin selectable). The DALI controller enables designers to build intelligent luminaires with multiple independent light sources, color mixing, or tunable white light. Pulsewidth modulation (PWM) signals can be used to directly control the LED power, or the brightness values can be read via I2C for applications that have additional intelligence behind the DALI controller.

LED-Warrior12 can read and write its DALI configuration data via I2C. This allows the developer to preconfigure luminaires for easier depolyment and set standard configurations faster than via the DALI bus. The LED-Warrior12 DALI controller is available as a chip in SSOP28 package.

Technical data
• DALI to PWM and I2C
• According to DIN EN 62386-101/-102/-207
• All protocol elements implemented
• PWM output at 730 Hz
• Dimming from 0.1% to 100%
• Brightness values can be read via I2C
• Logarithmic and linear dimming curves
• DALI configuration data can be read and written via I2C
• SSOP28 package
• 5 V DC power


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