Virtual Extension steps into Wireless for DALI 2 with support for Constant Lighting Sensors, Application Controllers

Nov. 18, 2015
Beit Dagan, Israel – Virtual Extension continues to innovate in high performance wireless lighting control, with networks that expand its Wireless extension into DALI 2 reign. Using the same innovative VEmesh technology that enables the replacement of wiring by wireless for the previous generation of DALI lighting control products, LED drivers and other control gear, Virtual Extension complements the emergence of the new DALI input devices and application controllers with the modern, convenient and easy-deployment wireless connectivity. This connectivity adds to the cost-effectiveness and energy- effectiveness achieved by the novel devices.

This new Wireless extension to DALI lighting control, yet another first of its kind product on the market, has been tested to operate with the major devices on the market. It enables wireless DALI connectivity of advanced DALI sensors, such as ambient light dependent control and presence detection sensors, constant lighting light sensors and switch interfaces. Similarly to other products in Virtual Extension’s Wireless Extension to DALI, the new generation allows for seamless hybrid connectivity in wire-wireless DALI networks, with up to 64 devices per network - as per DALI definition, 250 overlapping networks and unlimited number of networks by channel (frequency) re-use. Such high scalability enables the wireless networks’ use in any DALI deployment, such as in office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, industrial halls - of any scale.

The fast development and high performance of all Wireless Extension to DALI lighting control products is based on Virtual Extension high performance VEmesh technology. Based on synchronized-flooding and with energy summing up in nodes, VEmesh provides highly reliable bi-directional communication and best-in-class range and coverage. The modern synchronized-flooding principle allows for wireless mesh networks with space diversity, thus eliminating the need for self-forming, self-healing, time-outs and human involvement. All VEmesh nodes act as end-nodes and as relays, to retransmit data in order to create a mesh modular solution, thus precluding also the need for dedicated routers.

The other families of Wireless Lighting Control products made by Virtual Extension and using the same high-performance VEmesh technology are:

1. IoT Extension to DALI, which enables the use of DALI LED luminaires and DALI sensors, centrally managed over the cloud as appropriate for IoT/M2M networks, with up to 16,000 nodes per network, up to 250 overlapping or adjacent networks, and unlimited number of networks by channel (frequency) re-use enabling scalability and use in deployments of smart lighting in city-wide or large complexes of buildings.

2. IoT Extension to Lighting, which is a high performance, general purpose IoT/M2M lighting control system, also centrally managed over the cloud, but with no limitation to the number of nodes per network and most cost effective.

VEmesh based Wireless Extension for DALI networks have been successfully tested and used by Virtual Extension partners and customers, including purEco LED of Switzerland.


Virtual Extension