Solid Apollo LED's DMX Boss Wi-Fi solid-state lighting controller recognizes up to 8 lighting zones

Jan. 15, 2015
LED lighting company Solid Apollo LED introduces the DMX Boss Wi-Fi Controller for simple DMX control of up to 8 DMX enabled lighting zones using any smartphone or tablet. The DMX Boss includes many features all in one device and can control DMX lighting fixtures several different ways, using smartphone or tablet control, using the wall control interface or by the optional remote control. Quickly control DMX enabled lights with the touch of a button, using the color wheel for subtle ambient lighting or with the built in lighting programs for amazing color changing effects.

Current DMX control systems are bulky and require multiple components to get full lighting control. Many require software and separate controllers and devices with extensive training to learn and understand how to begin using DMX enabled controls on lighting systems. The option to use smartphone or tablet control is also currently limited and requires extra controllers and hardware to use.

Solid Apollo LED took the difficulties of current DMX control systems and combined the best parts to create an all in one package with the DMX Boss. “The DMX Boss brings together an amazingly simple DMX control interface with either smartphone or tablet control or wall control all from one device” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED.

The DMX Boss includes many features all packaged in a clean and contemporary device. The DMX Boss includes a built in Wi-Fi router for secure lighting control, a simple glass touch interface, and XLR and RJ45 connection ports. The Wi-Fi router is built into the DMX Boss Wi-Fi Controller and requires only a few steps to configure and connect to any smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS operating systems. The glass touch interface is simple to operate with labeled controls and a clean gloss white finish. XLR and RJ45 ports are built in for direct plug and play use with any DMX enabled lighting systems. As soon as the DMX Boss is connected, it recognizes up to 8 separate lighting zones without the need for programing. An optional remote control is also available for quick control away from the wall controller or if the smartphone or tablet is turned off. There are no power restrictions on the DMX Boss so an unlimited number of DMX lighting fixtures can be controlled in any of the 8 lighting zones, either individually or simultaneously.

The DMX Boss glass touch interface, smartphone and tablet interface, and optional remote all use simple similar controls to bring amazing colors to life with easy to use software. Each control interface has a large color wheel for instant color selection, and includes separate red, green and blue buttons for even more precise color control. A separate white channel button also controls any white lights individually. 8 separate lighting zone control buttons make zone control quick and easy. Brightness increase and decrease buttons are included for easily dimming. The DMX Boss has 10 pre-programmed color changing LED lighting programs, with separate speed control buttons to precisely control how quickly a program is played and a return button will bring up the last program played.

The DMX Boss is perfect for controlling a variety of DMX enabled lighting setups in a multitude of environments. Use the DMX Boss for restaurant or club lighting, as the multiple zone control and built in color changing programs take the guess work out of creating exciting lighting environments. The DMX Boss can even control indoor and outdoor lighting for dramatic architectural and landscape lighting, or use the DMX Boss for hospitality lighting by offering subtle lighting control to match decor or for color changing lighting to bring an energized ambiance to any location.

The DMX Boss can even be used for controlling non-DMX 3 or 4 channel LED lights using Solid Apollo’s DMX to RGB-W Controller. A simple connection from the RJ45 output with three connections to the DMX to RGB-W controller is necessary and can be used in tandem with the XLR ports controlling DMX enabled lights. Solid Apollo LED also offers the Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver for up to 2100 feet of wireless range between DMX enabled lighting fixtures without the need for extra cable and expensive installation. The wireless DMX transmitter/receiver uses the same XLR ports on the DMX Boss for immediate connection making light control easier over large areas, such as convention centers and arenas.

The DMX Boss brings simple DMX control for any user and includes many features all built into one device with easy control from any smartphone or tablet.

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