Solid Apollo LED's LEDWizard controller manages LED lighting from any iOS or Android device

Jan. 12, 2015
LED Lighting Company, Solid Apollo LED, introduces the LEDWizard Smartphone and Tablet LED Lighting Controller, for easy LED lighting control from any smartphone or tablet. The controller works with any Android or iOS operating system using easy to install software and a separate wireless router for complete lighting control. Create and save up to 8 personalized programs for subtle ambient lighting to amazing color changing effects.

Current LED lighting systems use in-wall or wireless remote control receivers, sometimes requiring multiple remotes for every LED lighting system leaving a cluttered and confusing mess. With multiple controllers, finding the right remote can be difficult and even harder when the remote stops responding or the batteries run out.

The LEDWizard Smartphone and Tablet LED controller is great for use around the home or office and any location using LED lights. “The LEDWizard controller brings amazing lighting control right to any smartphone or tablet device and is perfect for controlling the lights in different rooms, and even on indoors and outdoor lighting systems without the hassle of requiring more remotes” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED. The LEDWizard Controller includes a wi-fi router which requires no internet access, as the router broadcasts a secure wi-fi signal that any iPad, iPhone or Android device can access for easy LED lighting control. Impress friends and loved ones with subtle accent lighting around the living room and kitchen, or amazing color changing programs for parties and events. The LEDWizard controller works well with LED Strip Light and wall washers. Use the controller to control lights used to highlight different features in a room, such as ceiling cove molding lighting, shelf or bookcase lighting, even seasonal lighting on the mantel or around the windows.

The LEDWizard controller uses simple software with a color wheel for instant color selection, and separate red, green and blue buttons for even more precise color control. A separate white channel button is also included for separate control from the RGB colored lights. 8 separate lighting zone control buttons are included for quick zone access and control. Brightness increase and decrease buttons are included for easily dimming all zones or separate zones for the perfect amount of light. When playing separate LED lighting programs, speed control buttons are included to precisely control how quickly a program is played and a last program return button will bring play the last program played.

The included receiver uses 4 light control channels, perfect for LED lighting installations using red, green, blue and white channels in each lighting zone. The receiver works with LED lights using low 12 to 36 V DC power. The router is a plug and play design right out of the box, as no configuration is required. Two antennas are included to ensure a strong 45 foot wireless range and the router comes with a plug in power supply.

An optional Wi-Fi remote control is also available for quick control if the smartphone or tablet is off or not available. The Wi-Fi remote includes many of the same features as the LEDWizard software used on the tablet or smartphone, and includes a color wheel with separate red, green and blue buttons. A separate white button is also included for easy control white leaving the colored lights alone. 6 lighting zone control buttons, speed and brightness buttons are also included.

The LEDWizard Smartphone and Tablet Wi-Fi kit is a great choice for lighting control from any tablet or smartphone, without the hassle of extra remotes to control lighting around the home or office.

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