Kii and Yankon Lighting collaborate on next-generation IoT smart lighting

Aug. 4, 2015
Partnership provides homes and offices with more energy-efficient lighting featuring customized options and capabilities via a smartphone SAN MATEO, CA – Kii, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform provider, announced it has teamed up with Yankon Lighting, a leading LED manufacturer, to launch next-generation IoT smart lighting solutions for homes and offices. The smart lighting products, which can be accessed through a smartphone, have adopted a system-on-a-chip solution provided by MediaTek, the worldwide leading integrated circuit (IC) design company. These products will meet consumer demand for a more low cost, comfortable, convenient, energy-efficient lighting system.

The smart lighting system incorporates the following core features:
• Multi-request demand capabilities like high brightness settings that feature low power consumption
• Long product life with free maintenance for repairs
• Excellent waterproof and heat dissipation characteristics to hold up under any temperature, environment or climate
• Timing control options that can help save manpower and power consumption at home or in the office
• Remote control operations can support pre-turn on lighting and ensure power consumption with a turn-off function when a user is not home/in the office
• Scene setting for full customization of color adjustments and brightness settings for different lighting effects

Kii is focused on addressing the high-performance demands of innovation in the connected world with an end-to-end cloud platform optimized for the IoT. Kii will provide smart lighting app solutions for Yankon’s app, allowing users to intelligently control lighting equipment on both Android and IOS.

"We are excited to work with Yankon, one of the biggest LED device companies in the world,” said Masanari Arai CEO of Kii. “With Yankon’s planned production of over 80M units per year, we expect to have Kii enable up to 20% of these devices, and we will look to increase that number as smart lighting becomes increasingly popular.”

“As the leading IoT Cloud Service provider, Kii is expanding in the IoT industry,” said Dominique Tu, CEO of Kii China. “Our collaboration with Yankon for smart lighting highlights an important step forward in IoT industry development. We hope to show consumers Kii’s advanced IoT technology through the smart lighting system’s launch.”

“Our prior development and production experience accumulated in LED lighting, has allowed us to stake our claim in the smart lighting space,” said Yong Guan, Yankon Lighting’s General Manager. “Through our partnership with Kii, we have achieved intelligent lighting control to meet the energy-saving and convenience features which today’s consumers demand, while simultaneously improving the added value of LED lighting products.”

About Kii
Kii is focused on addressing the high-performance demands of innovation in the connected world with an end-to-end backend platform optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile applications. Businesses of all sizes are able to build, test, deploy, manage, optimize and acquire users from a single integrated platform to accelerate time-to-market. Trusted by the world's largest device manufacturers and mobile carriers, such as NTT Docomo, Kii currently serves 140M+ end-users worldwide. Kii is a global company with data centers in the US, China and Japan. For more information, follow @KiiCorp or visit

About Yankon Lighting
ZHEJIANG YANKON GROUP CO., LTD is a China-based company principally engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of lighting appliances. The Company's products consist of integrated electronic energy-saving lamps, T5 high-power energy-saving fluorescent lamps and related accessories, specialty lamps, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting equipment and others. It distributes its products in domestic and overseas markets, including Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia and other areas.


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