C3 Lighting releases Luminess human-centric lighting system for classrooms

Aug. 13, 2015
Orange County, CA – Imagine the impact on a child’s academic career if they attended a school with classroom lighting that could increase their test scores and reading speed. C3 Lighting’s line of classroom lighting fixtures, leveraging human-centric lighting technologies, include diffused T-bar mounted and suspended fixtures, 6” and 10” round down lights, and white-board illumination.
The color temperature and illumination level of C3’s Digital Classroom Lighting can be set by the teacher based on different classroom activities: “Standard” for lecture and learning sessions, “Concentrate” for testing and reading, “Energy” for quick-starting the day and after lunch, “Relax” for calming classroom hyperactivity and “AV” for audio visual presentations. Studies in Europe have shown increased reading speed of almost 35%, testing errors reduced by nearly 45% and classroom hyperactivity in lower grades reduced by 76% when using specific lighting parameters that human-centric lighting can address.

The human-centric lighting system features C3’s solid-state microprocessor controlled remote power technology, auto-switching to solar power and Remote Emergency Egress Lighting Battery Back-up. Daylight-harvesting sensors, occupancy sensors, “Energy-Usage” monitoring and “After-Hours” occupancy alarms are also available.

Improved speech recognition is a major concern in the classroom and C3’s acoustic luminaires provide both light and sound amplification and work in combination with the RPG Diffusor System to greatly improve speech intelligibility.

The system is also the safest classroom lighting system ever developed. C3’s remote power technology removes power supplies from the classroom and uses Class 2 DC power for illumination and control, this eliminates any possibility of the system causing electrician or fire in the classroom.

C3’s digital lighting technology defines the future for classroom illumination.


Mary McDonough, Director of Marketing - C3 Lighting Solutions
+1-714-545-5985 Ext. 105