Green Lighting LED launches micro inverter as LED power supply for emergency lighting

March 30, 2015
Emergency lighting installations for LED made simple with backup LED power supply. If you install LED lighting in federal or state buildings, you have been stuck with expensive lighting options when trying to upgrade facilities to LED and stay compliant with the national emergency code. Green Lighting LED’s LED micro inverter can be easily field installed with LED fixtures or tubes, keeping facilities up to code without the hefty costs associated with competitive products.

Product Highlights:
National Electric Code / UL / cUL compliance – GLL-EBS-20 is tested by UL and certified for both factory and field installation.
Provides an LED power supply for any UL listed LED tube or fixture, up to 25W load, for 90 minutes.
Buy American ARRA compliant – American engineered and manufactured.
Polymer lithium-ion battery technology – The latest in battery technology provides longer cycle life, high energy density, zero memory effect, environmentally friendly with extremely high safety and reliability.

Green Lighting LED proudly manufactures in the USA its GLL-EBS-20 emergency lighting micro inverter. The inverter is used in conjunction with an LED fixture to create a code compliant emergency lighting fixture with a backup LED power supply. The maximum load of the GLL-EBS-20 is 25W. In the event of a power failure, the micro inverter begins to provide full emergency power to the connected load for a minimum of 90 minutes.

When normal power is restored, the emergency backup driver automatically returns to charge mode. Battery capacity is restored within 24 hours. The LED power supply does not affect normal light fixture operation and can be used with a switched or un-switched light fixture. Each micro inverter unit comes with a test switch and charge indicator panel.

Never be caught in the dark with LED emergency lighting again. Green Lighting LED offers private labeling and OEM level pricing for all types of emergency LED fixture designs. Whether factory or field installing, Green Lighting LED provides an inexpensive, quality American manufactured product to the lighting marketplace.

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