BREAKING: Sapphire Awards applaud best-in-class SSL developments (GALLERY)

Feb. 15, 2018
LONG BEACH, CA - Click through our image gallery to see who received top honors at the Feb. 14th Sapphire Awards Gala aboard the RMS Queen Mary...
During the week of Strategies in Light in Long Beach, CA (Feb. 13–15, 2018), the stars aligned to light the way to the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards Gala aboard the RMS Queen Mary, where PennWell’s LED & Lighting Network, industry leaders, and solid-state lighting (SSL) professionals gathered on the blue carpet on Feb. 14 to commemorate their experience with a photo and celebrate the LED-centric innovations and advances that were submitted to the program this past year.

For 2018, the Sapphire Awards program was expanded with new categories for lighting projects and the Humanitarian Award. The heart of the program still, of course, relies on advancing LED-centric enabling technologies and components, SSL end products, and systems for specific SSL applications. This year’s Illumineer of the Year was selected as someone who has been looking ahead to the future of SSL and not only seeing the possibilities but working toward them in the present.

Click on the image or the link at the right to open the image gallery and learn who took home the trophies during the evening’s Gala. Watch for our full coverage of the winners in the March issue of LEDs Magazine, with details on what won over the judges, and bookmark Sapphire Awards for program updates in the coming year.