Iota Engineering provides emergency LED backup power for retrofit lamps

Feb. 19, 2016
IOTA Engineering now offers UL Listed emergency lighting solutions for retrofit LED tube lamps for use in fluorescent fixtures. LED retrofit lamps are a popular choice for converting a facility’s existing fluorescent luminaires into energy-saving LED fixtures by simply replacing the linear or compact fluorescent lamps in the fixture with a compatible LED tube design. If these fixtures were also equipped with an integral emergency ballast, however, they may not have been suitable for these types of retrofit lamps due to the operating requirements of the LED lamp’s internal circuitry. Many of these LED lamp designs require an AC voltage input from the fixture’s existing ballast, and will not function properly with the DC output delivered by most emergency ballasts in the field today.

IOTA is one of the few emergency lighting manufacturers who offer AC output emergency battery packs for fluorescent fixture designs as LED backup power supplies. This family of AC output emergency products have been tested and confirmed compatible with many of these LED tube lamps. Additionally, select manufacturer LED lamp models have been added to the IOTA product UL Listing files to ensure retrofit projects meet emergency egress requirements per the Life Safety Code and local regulations.

To aid facility personnel in achieving their retrofit goals, IOTA has also added an LED Retrofit selection tool to their website at Whether on a desktop computer or mobile device, users can easily view a list of LED retrofit lamps and compare and select the IOTA emergency battery pack/LED backup power solution that is right for their application. The current list of available emergency battery pack solutions by lamp model is also available in PDF format at


Daren Hatfield - IOTA Marketing Projects Manager