LED Mounting Bases increases heat dissipation with STAR LED board with Super Thermal Pad technology

May 16, 2016
NARBONNE, France – LED Mounting Bases (LMB), which offers the largest range of electronic boards (MCPCB) for LEDs, introduces an innovative technology the Super Thermal Pad. The first MCPCB to benefit this technology is the STAR MCPCB for Cree XHP70 LED. With this Board, LED system designers will be able to drive their Cree XH70 LED at a higher power than traditional boards and keep a reasonable junction temperature. This also means higher flux with existing design or decrease the number of LEDs in a system and keep the same total flux.

The main key of Super Thermal Pad Technology is based on the fact that the thermal pad of the LED is directly connected to the substrate of the MCPCB. A hole in the dielectric layer at the LED’s thermal pad location is made during manufacturing.
A large majority of the heat dissipation of the LED goes through this thermal pad. Connecting the thermal pad directly to the metal base, will create a high conductivity (up to 380W/m.K in case of copper substrate) on this pad which is very important for the general heat dissipation of the LED module.

An experiment with two Cree XHP70 6500K LEDs driven at 18W had been set up. One LED was mounted on a Standard board and this other one on a Super Thermal Pad MCPCB. A decrease of 18% had been measured under the same condition of use.

For more information on this experiment visit the company blog.

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