Rayben Technologies engineers 'smart ceramic' multi-layer PCB for solid-state lighting designs

April 28, 2016
Rayben Technologies Limited announces an industry-first “smart ceramic” multi-layer PCB – MHE®901. This patented PCB, with US patent number of US9185791, embeds ceramic into multi-layer fabric based substrate material, such as FR4 and BT. Benefits include high thermal conductivity (170 W/mK), high breakdown voltage resistance (up-to 15kV) and multi-layer (up-to 10 layers) circuit design.
“This new PCB, MHE®901, enables the application of tunable white module, high power outdoor spot lighting, digital lighting with complex control system, driverless AC-LED & driver-on-board LED light engine,” said Ines Nip, CEO of Rayben Technologies. Figure: (Left) Tunable spot lighting LED module with white chip scale packaging (50W in Dia. 19 mm light emission area). (Middle) Outdoor street and stadium lighting LED module with high power and small emission area (200W in Dia. 17mm light emission area). (Right) High Bay driver-on-board module (200W in Dia. 64mm light emission area). MHE®901 has already been fully verified by certified body and automotive OEM partners, in compliance to automotive grade reliability testing standards. Temperature Shock: JEDEC22A-104D standard Tamb: -40°C to +125°C, Dwell time: 30min, Transfer time: <10 Sec, Test cycle: 1000. Result: Pass Temperature Cycle: JEDEC22A-104D standard Tamb: -40°C to +125°C, Dwell time: 15min, Temperature change rate: 15°C/min, Test cycle: 1000. Result: Pass Wet High Temperature Operation Life Test: JEDEC22A-101C standard Tamb: 85°C, 85%RH, Active If=1.5A, 1h ON/OFF, Test time: 1000hrs. Result: Pass Thermal Stress Test: IPC-TM-650 2.6.8 standard 288°C +/-5°C, 10Sec, 3cycles. Result: Pass Moisture and Insulation Resistance: IPC-TM-650 2.6.3F standard Insulation Resistance ? 500M?. Result: Pass Solder-ability Test: IPC J-STD-003B standard 265°C +/-5°C, 3-5Sec. Result: Pass About Rayben Rayben opened a new chapter on quality growth in 2010 in its history of 20-year in the PCB industry. We are now arguably best known for our innovations in LED lighting, specifically the MHE series for superior thermal performance. Boasting an unique, application-focused knowledge base in thermal solutions, we now service a number of verticals for specialty and general lighting segments, from level-one substrates, PCB and SMD for the automotive, architectural, stage, public areas and industrial lighting applications. It grows as it goes. Now we expand our role and responses to the enlarging ecosystems in UV lighting, SSD, IGBT, and many other thermally challenging semiconductor devices. Our global footprints cover US, Europe, ASIAN and greater China. We are headquartered in Hong Kong with production facility in Zhuhai, China.


Samuel Fok / Jenny Huang, International Marketing Director - Rayben Technologies Limited
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