ZEDGE develops materials for SSL thermal management that eliminate heat sink

April 18, 2016
[Taipei] ZEDGE Materials Inc. (“ZEDGE”), a Taiwan-based company with focus on inventing hi-tech materials for LED lighting and other industrial products, successfully launched its proprietary SSL thermal mangement material at the Light + Building Fair Frankfurt (“the Fair”) 2016. The material, which consists of a simple ceramic based coating applied on the LED substrate, is innovatively designed to replace the function of heat sink in high power LED lighting (bay light, down light, street lamp, light engines, etc).

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Although at the start of its commercialization, this SSL thermal management material developed over the last decade by a team of materials researchers in Tainan, Taiwan is mature and has already garnered multiple awards around the world. The patented material not only revolutionizes the LED industry because of the solution it will bring to the users, but also its flexibility in design, which enables slimmer shape, light weight and simple, and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, resulting in reduction of overall cost of LED lights.

Speaking at the Fair, Vincent Yang, General Manager of ZEDGE, said, “We are elated to have invented this material which will help the lighting fixture designers solve lots of their design problems and open up more opportunities for the LED industry. It is hard to believe that a simple coating can eliminate the need for the bulky and heavy heat sinks, but it works!”

This groundbreaking technology is premised on the transfer of heat through Far Infrared (“FIR”) radiation. With a 95%+ FIR emissivity ceramic coating on its substrate, the LED’s temperature can be maintained sustainably thus enabling an LED light to have a long lifespan. This SSL thermal management material is expected to have a wide application and be used beyond LED lighting, namely electronic, solar and industrial applications which all generate concentrated heat and need thermal management in the near future. As Vincent Yang concludes, “We have received very encouraging feedback from the LED industry players at the Fair and other trade shows we had participated. We hope to make this FIR coating a standard within the next few years, thus making a green contribution to the environment”.

About ZEDGE Materials Inc.
ZEDGE was established in 2014 by a group of experienced scientists and entrepreneurial-minded operations management experts who focus on expanding the practical use of Far Infrared (FIR) technologies and developing FIR high efficiency radiation products that maximize the value of the FIR technologies. ZEDGE is known for pioneering a number of core technologies. It owns various intellectual properties of high efficiency FIR radiation in the industry and is also a worldwide manufacturer, which brings FIR technologies into our daily lives.


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