Fulham opens new European headquarters and design center for LED drivers and components

July 11, 2016
New Fulham offices in Alkmaar incorporate R&D, sales, admin and customer service

Monday 11 July 2016 marks the official transfer of Fulham Group’s European head office to Alkmaar in the Netherlands. The move follows Fulham Group’s recent acquisition of Lumotech’s LED driver business which itself is based in Alkmaar. The transaction to acquire Lumotech assets was completed on 30 June 2016.

Commenting on the move, Mark Needham, Fulham’s European Vice President for Sales said, “This reflects Fulham Group’s strategy for Europe in that we have a meaningful European presence including a design centre for developing LED drivers for the market and the people to better serve our growing European distributor and OEM customer base. Europe is a key market for LED luminaire design and having a team of engineers in the Netherlands allows us to more quickly respond to market trends”. He added, “This is an exciting time for us to fully market our now much expanded range of top quality LED drivers and promote the Fulham lighting brand across Europe”.

In addition to the R&D team, Fulham’s new European headquarters also incorporates sales administration and customer service.

Fulham’s global headquarters are in California. Fulham is a leading manufacturer and supplier of intelligent and sustainable lighting components for OEM lighting fixtures manufacturers and also for the electrical distribution market. The company engages in research, development and product innovation, has worldwide manufacturing, and employs 800 people in North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. It offers a wide range of LED drivers, LED modules, LED light engines and LED emergency systems to meet market needs. The company is also a key supplier of electronic ballasts for fluorescent and HID systems.

As an innovator of intelligent lighting components for energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions, Fulham engages in a continuous product development programme. The company prides itself in the quality of its products and service. Its lighting components are featured in many lighting manufacturers’ luminaires including commercial and industrial, emergency, signage, refrigeration and street lighting. Its most recent innovation, the HotSpot Plus, is an all-in-one unit combining a dimmable LED driver, an emergency LED driver and a replaceable battery.


Mark Needham - Fulham