Dow Corning optical silicones create higher performance, lower TCO for LumenFlow in LED lens development

Oct. 18, 2016
The Challenge
A photonics engineering and manufacturing firm, LumenFlow was looking for a solution to replace a polycarbonate 10° TIR lens in a customer’s machine vision product. Since it was to be used in a number of applications, the lens needed to achieve similar photometric performance to the polycarbonate lens, over a wide range of correlated color temperatures, wavelengths and package sizes. The lens was also required to:

• Offer UV and thermal stability
• Have a footprint smaller than 11 mm square
• Provide both 10° and 25° beam angle optics
• Offer a robust mounting method to the LED PCBA
• Minimize prototype and tooling production costs
The existing lens provided light in a 10° beam angle when matched with a specific LED. However, it created hot spots when used with alternative LEDs and was prone to yellowing after UV exposure, thus limiting the machine vision customer’s applications.

Find out how Dow Corning’s industry leading Moldable Optical Silicones and technical expertise helped LumenFlow find a cost-effective solution, outperforming previous “off –the-shelf” lenses. Read the full case study.


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