Shin-Etsu Silicones premieres Sdp-5040-A/B gap fillers to advance thermal management for LEDs and electronics applications

Oct. 20, 2016
In and effort to increase the options available to thermal engineers in the growing market for silicone TIM (Thermal Interface Materials), Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. (SESA: A U.S. subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan) recently premiered its SDP-5040-A/B Gap Filler product. The non-adhesive product is part of the high performing SDP Series which are Two Part Room-Temperature Cure Silicone based Thermal Interface Gap Filling Materials−boasting a high Thermal Conductivity value of 5.1 W/m*K.

SESA’s SDP Series materials are ideal for cooling automotive electronics, power converters, LED lighting modules, communications modules, and other electronics. Notable automotive market applications include; hybrids, ECUs (engine control units), battery packs, and sensors.

SDP SERIES PROFILE: (SDP-1030-A/B, SDP-2060-A/B, SDP-3540-A/B, SDP-5040-A/B)

Each product comes as separate A and B components that must be mixed together in a 1:1 ratio to initiate the curing reaction. The thermal interface materials cure at room temperature when the two components are mixed.The cure time can be reduced with the addition of heat.

Before curing, the material has a grease-like consistency that easily fills voids between heat sources and heat sinks. By displacing the air from these nooks-and-crannies, a lower thermal resistance is achieved. Notably, the Gap Filler material can be applied only where you need it, thereby minimizing waste. The materials can also be reworked because they do not adhere to substrates. The low hardness of Shin-Etsu’s Gap Filler products minimizes stress on delicate electronic components. Additionally, the viscosity allows for ease of dispensing and reduced process times.

According to SESA’s Thermal Interface Materials Business Development Manager Geoff Thyrum, “As electronic devices shrink in size and expand in functionality, the requirements for thermal solutions are ever-increasing. The SDP Series’ economical and performance advantages will allow us to optimize new and existing client applications in the growing RTV & TIM market segments.”

Whereas the series’ SDP-5040-A/B was premiered at this September’s Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (Novi, MI), Thyrum indicated the complete line will be rolling out throughout 2017− including SDP-6560-A/B with a thermal conductivity of 6.5!

Ultimately, the SDP Series represents a great addtion to SESA’s broad silicone TIM product line in North America, which includes products such as adhesives, soft pads, thermal greases, etc.


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