Luxtech Warm Dim LED module leverages passive circuitry to deliver high-quality incandescent equivalency

Oct. 14, 2016
Philadelphia, PA – Luxtech, a leading American manufacturer of LED modules, releases their new Warm Dim LED platform. Luxtech’s innovative passive circuitry provides superior color quality, efficacy, and reliability for luminaire manufacturers seeking a high-quality incandescent equivalent.

Elegant Design Provides Superior Performance
Luxtech’s Warm Dim module creates a warm, cozy ambience by accurately mimicking an incandescent throughout its dimming range. The module’s CCT seamlessly changes from 2800K to 1600K when dimming, with 3-step MacAdam color binning in the top 95% of the dimming range. Efficacy is higher than 100 lm/W, providing dramatic energy and cost savings as compared to an incandescent.

In addition to its high color quality and efficacy, Luxtech’s Warm Dim module is far superior to others on the market because of its unique patent pending warm dim circuitry. Luxtech’s solution requires fewer components, resulting in unparalleled reliability, high lm/$ ratio, and the greatest driver and dimmer compatibility in the industry.

Luxtech’s Warm Dim platform is targeted for both residential and commercial applications, especially high-end residential and hospitality. Available in a variety of form factors, Luxtech Warm Dim can be designed to fit recessed downlights, cylinder downlights, wall sconces, under-cabinet lights, wall coves, linear pendant fixtures, and more.

“Architects and specifiers need a reliable, energy saving warm dim solution,” said Jianchuan Tan, a Luxtech product development engineer. “Our OEM customers can now offer them an easy, integrated solution that is compatible with their existing systems. And end-users get the wonderful ambience that they are accustomed to with incandescent.”

Samples will be available for shipment on October 15th.

The Future is Bright for Warm Dim
Luxtech's customizable Warm Dim platform opens up new opportunities to combine the efficiency of LED with the color quality of incandescent in form factors traditionally dominated by fluorescent. This technology is currently available in a standard 68mm round module, or as a custom module solution.


Sophie Janaskie - Luxtech
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