Dow Corning and Darkoo Optics Co., Ltd. innovate efficient and reliable LED lens modules with advanced optical silicone materials

Oct. 14, 2016
The Challenge
Darkoo Optics Co. Ltd. has established a worldwide reputation for developing optical lenses that enable and enhance high-performing LED illumination sources. Its cutting-edge designs arise, in part, from its extensive knowledge of cutting-edge optical materials. It was Darkoo’s materials expertise that led the company to specify Dow Corning® MS-1002 Moldable Optical Silicone when it sought to develop two new lenses for high-bay LED lighting fixtures.

“Many conventional optical materials can deliver uniform distribution of light over a broad area,” explained Danny Xiong, general manager at Darkoo Optics. “However, the high bay lighting fixtures that we designed our lenses for often illuminate warehouses, industrial settings and outdoor parking lots. That meant our lenses needed to provide much higher performance, reliability and durability under harsher conditions.”

Darkoo also sought to design a lens that could withstand the elevated temperatures and lumen densities of today’s high-brightness, chip-on-board (COB) LED assemblies. The company further sought to optimize the optical efficiency of its new 60° and 90° lens designs, and enable cost-effective manufacture and assembly to help lower the total cost of ownership for its customers. These combined design goals eliminated many glass and organic lense materials, and required Darkoo to seek a new, higher-performing material.

The company approached Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation to explore the potential of Dow Corning® brand Moldable Silicones. Because these optical-grade materials are based on inorganic silicone, they promised a unique combination of higher photothermal stability and processability compared to organic plastics.

Find out how Darkoo successfully developed high-bay lens designs with the help of Dow Corning’s technical expertise and their advanced Moldable Optical Silicones materials. Read the full case study.


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