Techsil® releases new LED materials formulations for environmental protection and thermal management

Oct. 3, 2016
The need for LED encapsulants is rising dramatically and the spec requirements are high! Engineers are looking for products offering brilliant clarity, high brightness, along with excellent thermal characteristics.

Techsil provide a wide range of materials for LED assembly that provide protection from harsh environmental factors such as moisture ingress, vibration, scratches and thermal shock. Focusing not just on encapsulation protection, but also incorporating the most up to date thermal management technologies to solve the trickiest of applications.

New LED materials products which are taking this industry by storm include:

- PU22985 NEW!! - a 2-part water clear potting polyurethane which cures to form a tough 85 Shore A material with good abrasion and hydrolysis resistance and thermal conductivity of 0.3 W/mK.

- MG 8322 NEW!! - a clear potting epoxy which provides a tough resilient finish to environmental ingress.

- TIM 202331 Tape NEW!! - a white, heat transfer tape for bonding heat sinks to LED strips and units. Thermal conductivity 2W/mK. (Other tapes available with up to 3W/mK.)

Techsil's extensive range also includes the following products, which have been tried and tested industry wide:

- RTV27844 - a crystal clear, low viscosity, 2-part silicone which cures at room temperature to a high strength rubber.

- RTV1084G - a 1-part grey silicone with high thermal conductivity of 2.3 W/mK which cures to a tough but pliable rubber.

- TIM11021 G - a 1-part, grey, non-setting, silicone paste with thermal conductivity of 2.1 W/mK


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