Fulham designs new HotSpot Plus LED driver and emergency system for downlight installations

Oct. 3, 2016
HAWTHORNE, Calif. – Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, announced the addition of a new HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System with bottom side leads and studs (BLS) form factor designed for downlight and troffer installations where the driver resides on top of the fixture. The new BLS configuration makes the HotSpot Plus even more versatile, providing an LED driver with emergency lighting functionality in a compact enclosure that can be easily installed in tight spaces. In fact, the HotSpot Plus is the smallest complete emergency LED system on the market.

The HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System is an all-in-one unit that includes a 0-10V dimmable LED driver, emergency LED driver, and replaceable battery backup, thus eliminating the need to install a separate emergency lighting system. The HotSpot Plus functions as a 40W constant current LED driver with programmable output range of 250-1400mA. In the event of an emergency, the built-in battery automatically provides emergency lighting for up to 180 minutes at 5W or 90 minutes at 10W. In addition to the new BLS form factor, the HotSpot Plus also is available in a compact or linear design with end leads.

“Our HotSpot Plus units showcase some of Fulham’s latest lighting innovations,” said Alvaro Garcia, Product Director LED & Emergency Drivers for Fulham. “The HotSpot Plus combines an LED driver with battery-powered emergency lighting, available in three form factors for any type of installation, and the drivers are fully programmable using our SmartSet systems. Our objective is to deliver innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions that are easy to install and can evolve with our customer’s needs. Clearly the HotSpot Plus fills the bill.”

One of Fulham’s growing family of smart, programmable LED drivers, the HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System is programmable in 1mA increments using a handheld SmartSet controller. Fulham’s SmartSet programming enables integration of more efficient lighting modules in luminaire design with programmable step dimming and dim-to-off. It also features an illuminated test switch/AC power indicator and self-diagnostics. The driver comes with a five-year warranty.

Fulham’s SmartSet light programming platform uses either a handheld controller or SmartSet PC Software to control Fulham’s LED drivers. The driver doesn’t have to be powered on to be programmed, and SmartSet includes an auto-program feature that enables fast, one-touch programming of multiple fixtures.

All three models are now shipping from Fulham and its distribution partners in North America.

About Fulham
Fulham Co., Inc. is a leading global provider of intelligent, socially-conscious sustainable commercial lighting components and electronics for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications. The company develops and manufactures a variety of award-winning LED and emergency products, as well as legacy products across multiple lighting platforms. Fulham sells its lighting solutions worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electrical equipment distribution channels. Headquartered in Hawthorne, Calif., the company has sales and/or manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, China, India and the UAE. For more information, visit www.fulham.com.


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