Thomas Research Products introduces new 50W easy-programming T5 LED driver

Sept. 16, 2016
Elgin, Illinois -- Thomas Research Products has introduced a new 50W programmable LED driver with a T5 form factor. This new model includes 0-10V dimming and easy programming. Thomas Research Products manufactures complete LED power and control solutions for OEMs and retrofitters.

The LED50WPR2T5 constant-current LED driver is easy to program. No computer is needed--just the appropriate USB programming cable and +5V power. Select the appropriate programming cable for the chosen current, plug it in and push the button--it's set! Output current is selectable from 500mA to 1400mA. It offers OEMs a flexible, easy way to reduce complex parts inventory.

TRP's new LED driver model provides standard 0-10V dimming with a linear dimming curve. The LED50WPR2T5 is packaged with a narrow cross-section to match T5 fluorescent ballasts, sized to fit in low profile luminaires. The unit is also perfect for energy-saving upgrades in the field.

The UL Type TL certified LED driver features universal 100-277V input and Class 2 output for US and Canada. The metal housing is rated for indoor use in dry or damp locations. The company's 5 year warranty is standard. All high-performance LED Drivers from TRP offer high quality, long life, high efficiency and are cost-competitive.

Information is available on the company's website now. Availability of the LED50WPR2T5 series begins late 3Q2016.


Scott Ortiz, Product Manager - Thomas Research Products
+1 847-515-3057

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