Harvard Technology's 50W programmable LED driver is UL approved

Sept. 21, 2016
Harvard Technology, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy efficient lighting solutions, has unveiled the company’s latest innovation in the CoolLED range, a Class II UL approved 50 Watt (W) programmable LED driver.

The new low ripple LED driver is available in two variants - 200-700mA and 700mA-1400mA - which cover the entire range. Uniquely, the pioneering driver can have the current programmed via the hardware, or the software for faster more accurate flexible currents.

Surge protected up to 4kV, users can program the drive current in 1mA increments by using the software programming tool, with smooth programmable linear dimming or logarithmic dimming to 1% or off, ensuring significant savings can be achieved by reducing energy consumption.

Drive efficiency performance at 88% at full load is achieved through the clever design, which also ensures cool operation, longer life and class leading system efficacy. Known to be harmful to health, flicker is also eliminated thanks to the R&D investment made in the driver.

A wide input voltage range of 15Vf to 58Vf makes the new 50W LED driver suitable for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, commercial offices, education, campuses, retail, warehousing and manufacturing.

Compatible with the full range of Harvard Technology’s Linear LED solutions, Elite Pro and Classic - all designed to deliver market leading lm/W performance at competitive prices - the 50W driver is the most compact linear solution available on the market, measuring just 0.86” in height.

The new 50W LED driver is also wireless controls ready and can be easily implemented as part of a wireless lighting controls solution. More specifically it can be used as part of Harvard Technology’s award winning interior wireless control and management solution EyeNut, by using the plug-in EyeNut ZigBee adaptor. LED luminaires can use the 50W driver to convert wireless ZigBee messages into a dimmable LED drive current.

Antony Corrie, President of Worldwide Sales at Harvard Technology Americas, commented, “We are delighted to have received UL approval on our innovative 50W programmable driver. The solution offers countless advantages over those of our competitors. Programmability, efficiency, efficacy and ripple have all been carefully considered during the development, ensuring a high-performance solution that can be used to power LEDs and in turn reduce energy costs.”

All Harvard Technology’s LED Solutions are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and come with a five-year warranty.


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