Fulham LED drivers allow more luminaires per circuit

Sept. 23, 2016
Following its acquisition of Lumotech earlier this year, lighting components and electronics specialists Fulham is now able to offer over 40 models of European manufactured and approved LED drivers.

Fulham’s LumoSeries LED drivers have been designed at their European Design Centre in Alkmaar, Netherlands to efficiently power and control LED solutions for many lighting applications. The principle benefit of the LumoSeries driver design is the high specification including extremely low inrush currents. This means more drivers and luminaires can be operated on a single circuit, thus reducing the cost of installation as there are fewer circuit panels and less wire to run. Also as LEDs continue to increase in efficiency, luminaire manufacturers can rest assured that with many of the Fulham LumoSeries drivers, output currents can be adjusted accordingly giving them much more flexibility in design.

In the full range of LumoSeries LED drivers, both constant current and constant voltage models are available including versions with various dimming and DALI capability. Some are configurable to operate as either constant current or constant voltage drivers.

The technical specification of this range is comprehensive. They feature thermal overload and over- voltage protection; very high power factor; have excellent EMC behaviour and have high efficiency across a wide range of loads.

These high quality and value drivers are engineered for best performance and reliability and are made to compact dimensions for ease of embodiment in manufacturers’ luminaires.

Manufactured in Europe, The Fulham LumoSeries of LED drivers are ENEC certified, designed to SELV and carry a full 5-year warranty to match typical LED lifetimes. The drivers are now available through a network of value-added distributors throughout Europe.


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