LG Innotek unveils high-power color packaged LED lineup

Sept. 9, 2016
Seoul, Korea – LG Innotek has announced that it had developed high-power color packaged LED (3535 series) for premium lighting in various areas, such as architecture or stadium.
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LG Innotek introduced its high-power color packaged LED lineup by utilizing its proprietary vertical chip technology. The company will finish developing three color types (Red, Green and Royal blue) of 3W color LED packages within this month and plan to mass-produce the LED packages beginning next month.

Color LEDs can produce lights of various colors, including red, green and blue, and are expected to replace the lightings used in architecture and stage.

However, the current color LED solutions are limited as it needs multiple packages to implement intensive lighting in a particular place and the LEDs had low luminance and uneven light quality.

Based on the expertise obtained from developing the world's best high-power packaged LEDs, LG Innotek succeeded in increasing the power of color LED packages and securing stable performance. These packages can provide lower the unit price of lighting application and at the same time produce a light source of high quality.

The company plans to increase the power of color LEDs from 3W to 8W by the end of this year. In addition to the red, green and blue lights, the company plans to produce lights of various colors, including amber and products for special purposes such as agriculture and horticulture by using wavelengths between 450 nm - 740 nm(nanometer).

LG Innotek plans to continue to produce products for high-quality LED lightings, making inroads into the color LED market.

Kang, Seok-Hwan, LED marketing manager, said, “We had developed our color LED to satisfy customer’s demand. LG Innotek will continue to produce high-quality LED lighting solutions based on our innovative technologies and world best quality.”


Beop-min Oh, Communication Team - LG Innotek