Ningbo Mayyard develops 7070 SMD LED module for residential lighting applications

Sept. 1, 2016
7070 SMD (SMT) LED module
7070 chip designed specifically for home lighting, we must first solve is currently SMD LED chip problems specific to home lighting. Single power 3W, current 30-1000mA operating voltage 3.0-120V. Luminous efficiency 120-220Lm / W. Currently only 70% of the cost of mainstream LED.

7070 LED module advantage
1. special cooling design, so that the heat of the moment to export chip, effectively extending the life of the product. Thermal velocity of the product is 10 times imitation lumens.
2. SMD power single 3W, high luminous efficiency, spot uniformity, light consistency good.
3. imported from Taiwan chip, dual gold-conductive, more stable quality.
4. the products are packaged using silicone, environmentally friendly lead-free process product requirements.
5. thin package size design facilitates product application;
6. surface light emitting type LED, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and low heat generation.

7070 LED module main application areas
Main applications and home lighting, such as LED bulb, LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight. A good solution to the problem spot, resistance big problem, while greatly reducing the cost of LED home lighting, which opened the 7070 chip known as "home lighting era".


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