Thermal management techology developer SinkPAD merges with LED component manufacturer Adura LED Solutions

Nov. 16, 2016
SinkPAD Merges with Leading Manufacturer Adura LED Solutions For a Brighter and Cooler Future!

We are proud to announce that SinkPAD LLC has now joined with Adura LED Solutions. This will benefit our valued SinkPAD LLC customers greatly by providing easier and more efficient processes toward your final products. Our uniquely unparalleled SinkPAD™ II Technology is now available exclusively through Adura, along with many other additional capabilities and services.

Our SinkPAD clients will continue to receive SinkPAD™ II Technology’s innovative heat dissipation thermal expertise that provides not only longer life for LEDs, but also better overall luminaire performance. Adura adds convenient and cost-effective “one-stop” shop options including: LED lighting modules, a variety of other components, assembly, optics, heatsinks, Thermal Interface Material (TIM) and other types of Metal Core Boards – all under one roof!

You can also continue to rely on the same personal working relationships along with the highest standards of dependability and quality of service previously offered by SinkPAD LLC, now through Adura LED Solutions. Together these two state-of-the-art companies mean more streamlined end-products for our customers. We look forward to maintaining and expanding partnerships with our customers under Adura LED Solutions.

About Adura LED Solutions
Located in Orange County, California, Adura LED Solutions is Led by a team of thermal management experts and LED Module designers. Adura LED Solutions is a leading US manufacturer of high-quality LED modules, optimized for a variety of mid- to high-power indoor and outdoor applications and are offered in 70+, 80+ and 90+ CRI across a broad range of CCTs (2700K to 6500K plus red, green, blue, amber) and Custom LED MCPCB design.


Adura LED Solutions
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